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Growing up, my most fond memories was visiting abandoned places with my brother.  To this day, if opportunity presents itself, I bring my camera and take a few pictures.  These are not my work of course, but I hope you enjoy the visual beauty and maybe it brings fond memories of your own adventures.

Part II:

  1. Abandoned Construction of Nuclear Power Plant. Photo By brokenview
  2. Chatillon Car Graveyard in Belgium
  3. Jiancing Historic Trail in Taipingshan National Forest in Taiwan. Photo By T.-C
  4. Abandoned theme park in nara dreamland, japan. Photo by michaeljohngrist
  5. Clock tower
  6. Old shack in a snow field, Idaho. Photo By James Neeley
  7. Abandoned terminal at Nicosia Airport. Photo By eyesfutur
  8. Milan, New Orleans. Photo By JustUptown
  9. Abandoned church in autumn. Photo by *CainPascoe
  10. Abanonded steam engine in Uyuni train cemetery, Bolivia. Photo By jimmyharris

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girl are you a fox because i don’t know what the fuck you’re saying

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Each of the Hogwarts houses is presented with a locked door.


RAVENCLAWS: *pick the lock*

SLYTHERINS: *find the key*

GRYFFINDORS: *kick it down


This has been a brief description of the Hogwarts houses.

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Update to this piece by BAYLEN LEVORE
Austin, Texas
Instagram @baylenlevore
Twitter @PigeonPetal

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Staircase admist the vine


Staircase admist the vine


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